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LiXTiK Natural Lip Balm & Ithaca Soap owned by 17th Century Suds

Booth 22 at The Ithaca Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing.
Saturdays and Sundays 10-2pm. See you there! 
Buy 3 LiXTiK Lip Balm boxes @$2.25 a tube!!
10% off coupon "softskin" to use at the checkout for 
LiX Lotion Stiks: Lavender, Patchouli, and Unscented
thru Dec. 22
Andy is going to market this weekend.
Say "softskin" to Andy at IFM get 10% off on LiX Lotion Stiks!
 The International Annual Rutabaga Curl is Dec. 22 10-2pm
Find Ithaca Soap and LiXTiK at these locations. Check it out here. 
Buy a Batch LiXTiK Lip Balm and Ithaca Soap
Website SPECIAL!!!  $20.00 purchase or more pay with BITCOIN at the checkout will receive a FREE LiXTiK Lip Balm of your choice!!!
Or Pay Here for an additional 10% off
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Ingredients in all products: Organic coconut and locally grown organic sunflower oils, bees wax, 100% pure essential oils (in scented varieties. We also make every product in UNSCENTED), olive oil (in shampoo only)
Thanks for another great festival!!! See you next year (2019)
at The NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck Bldg 30 booth 4.