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Product Image Wet Felt Workshop

Wet Felt Workshop


We welcome guest instructor Theresa May O'Brien for two workshops!  Theresa is a renowned feltmaker, textile artist and painter.   She has recently been residing and working in Turkey, where she partnered with felting master Mehmet Girgic at Ikonium Studio. 

Theresa's skills in feltmaking are equaled by her talent with watercolors.  The result is a unique approach to surface design.  
I am thrilled that Theresa has agreed to share her in-depth knowledge and painterly techniques with us in these two special felting workshops

The focus during this 1 day workshop will be design, construction, felting and fulling techniques. We are hosting Sketcherly Hat and Sketchily Booties, and mitts (if there's time) in this information packed 1 day workshop. Space is limited. 

***Bonus Fingerless Mitts to match if you are fast enough!***

  • Nov. 12th: Hat and Bootle Workshop $150.00 9am-5pm
  • Location: The Enfield Valley Grange
  •                 178 Enfield Main Rd.
  •                 Ithaca, NY 14850  (really in Enfield, but this is the mailing         address for GPS) 
  • All materials and supplies available for purchase at workshop.
  • Bring bag lunch


LiXTiK and Ithaca Soap uses only organic and natural ingredients in our whole product line.

  • Ithaca Soap Bars: Saponified certified organic coconut oil,locally grown certified organic sunflower oil, and 100% pure water processed essential oils (in all scented varieties. Unscented and Unscented Oat soaps do not contain essential oils).
  • Ithaca Soap LiquidSaponified certified organic coconut oil, 100% pure water processed essential oils (in all scented varieties. Unscented liquid soap does not contain essential oils).
  • LiXTiK Lip Balms: Certified organic coconut oil, locally grown certified organic sunflower oil, sustainably harvested local natural beeswax, 100% pure water processed essential oils (in scented varieties), 
  • Ithaca Soap Olive Oil Shampoo: Saponified olive oil, 100% pure water processed essential oils (in scented varieties).
  • LiX Lotion Stik: Certified organic coconut oil, American certified organic sunflower oil, sustainably harvested NE natural beeswax, 100% pure water processed essential oils (in scented varieties). 
  • LiX Calendula Stik Lavender Mint: Certified organic coconut oil, locally grown certified organic sunflower oil; our own garden grown, hand processed, organic calendula flowers; sustainably harvested local natural beeswax, 100% pure water processed essential oils.
  • Our organic coconut oil comes from responsibly farmed coconut trees and imported by brands WHO CONFIRMED  COCONUTS ARE PICKED BY FAIRLY COMPENSATED HUMAN WORKERS. We do not support or use any coconut oil farmed where slash and burn techniques are used to decimate orangutan habitat. 
  • ALL of our products are tested on ourselves and our families, before they go out to the marketplace.

 That’s it! 

All products and our whole factory is Free from:

  • petroleum and mineral ingredients and oils
  • synthetic vegetable oils
  • limonene
  • parabens
  • alcohols including extracts
  • artificial and mineral colors and phthalates
  • artificial and coal derived fragrances
  • sodium laural and sodium laureth sulfates and sulfites of any kind
  • antibiotics
  • palm oil in all forms: Palm oil may seem ok, but it's production is deadly to the animals living in the same forests where these trees grow. We definitely do not use palm oil.
  • GMO's in all forms, including organically grown GMO's
  • soy, corn, wheat, canola, lanolin, flax, anything in the pea family including peanuts
  • all tree nuts (except jojoba and sunflower seed oil, which is a seed not a nut, and coconut which is a different allergy) 

Our body care conditions your skin, hair and lips to be soft, smooth and glow with it’s own natural beauty.

17CS is a family owned, environmentally aware company. 


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