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Order Pick ups

We are offering pick ups at the beginning of our newest biz adventure. Until the virus dangers are past, we will pack orders and have them ready for you. 

There are a few options. Here's how it works:

1. We ship to Ithaca as well as everywhere else

Order on line and pay through the shopping cart with a credit card. This will be shipped through our regular shipping methods. 

2. For driveway pick up at our loading dock:

 Order on line and pay through the shopping cart with a credit card. Use the coupon code "pickup" and the shipping will be waived. Please note,  your order will NOT be shipped and we will hold it for pickup. 

If you would like driveway pick up, please put the date and approximate time you wish to pick up in the notes section of the shopping cart AND send a text to: 607-844-4319. Include your order # and name in the text.

Ordering for pickup is much easier on our new website at https://ithacasoap.com. When you go to the shopping cart, there is a choice to change the shipping to pick up AND then you can select your pick up location. It's simple

For Ithaca Farmers Market pick up, please put this address in the ship to:

Your name

Ithaca Farmers Market

Steamboat Landing

Ithaca, NY 14850

Put the market day date you plan to pick up and "pickup" in the coupon part of the shopping cart to get the shipping waived. Deadline is Thursdays 11.59pm.

2. For driveway pick up at our loading dock and at  Ithaca Farmers Market get a additional 10% cash or sliver coin discount by paying in person. 

Order through e mail to: wendy@ithacasoap.com, call or text your order: 607-844-4319. Please include the date and approximate time for driveway pick up or Ithaca Farmers Market pick up in the e mail or text.   


3. If you would like to pay by check, write check to: 17th Century Suds, Ltd.

You can e mail your order and mail the check or mail the order and check to:

17th Century Suds

206 Hines Rd.

Newfield, NY 14867


We are keeping things operating normally here and so your soap and personal comfort needs will continue to be met as always.

Andy and Wendy