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Real soap hand sanitizer

Liquid Soap:

Reuse any bottle. For years I've been carrying a little bottle filled with Ithaca Soap Liquid in my purse, for hand washing on the go. I use it everywhere, even when I don't have access to water. A few drops rubbed into my hands and I'm good. Traditional oil based soap's high ph is naturally anti bacterial. When used with water this can be diluted up to 100%. I prefer it at full strength for hand washing, dishwashing. I put a few tablespoons of liquid soap in a gallon of warm water for house cleaning. Then spray surfaces with the same proportions of a white vinegar solution.

Here's a great way to make wipes: take thin fabric or paper and brush a few layers of liquid soap on. Let sit for a few minutes, then hang up to dry. I cut this into small pieces and use them to clean my phone, door handles (it works great for car door handles which are frequently damp anyway!), my glasses...


Bar Soap:

I'm always thinking of a new way to do the same old thing...believe it or not, like hand washing. My newest is to grate up a bar of soap and have small chips with me. Put them in a ziplock baggy. Each one is a really good hand washing. I wash my hands a LOT. I also like to freshen up mid day and wash my face a time or 2. 1 chip of soap will do the trick.