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Private Label & Party Favors


When hosting a marketing event for your business or a job, you need that little something that gets your contact information out there in a memorable way other than a business card. 


Our thoughts are this: Use the lip balm to get the new customers. Send a bar of soap in your corporate holiday gifts to your special clients.

We have discovered over the last 20 years that Lip Balm gets you noticed and Soap Bars build loyalty.  What that means is this: if you are intending to take these cobranded or all your branded, marketing tools to a conference, trade show or convention setting, where you will be in a large room exhibiting alongside other  businesses, you want to attract new customers/partners by giving them a small gift, which they will really examine immediately.

At least 50% of the time lip balm will be opened and applied immediately before the recipient walks away from your booth. They will stay and talk with you. They will show their friends. Lip Balm will go in a pocket or purse. It will be applied often, when your potential new customer is meeting up with their convention teammates at a meeting over drinks and dinner. Others will want to see it and wonder why they didn’t get one. Hopefully these others will come to your booth the next day, get a lip balm and also meet you. The good will of this little action will get you remembered every time they use it, and when it’s time for these potentials to act and get down to business, their decision to work with you is likely.

A bar of soap in that same setting will go in the bag with all of the other marketing from the convention. It will get dropped off at the hotel room. Maybe it will be remembered to bring up during the meeting over drinks and dinner. It might get opened and used later that night in the hotel, if the recipient looks over the days collected information. Otherwise it will go back to the office and placed on the recipients desk, where officemates will notice it. Someone may decide to put it in the office bathroom for everyone to try or it may end up in someone’s home and tried in private. Which will significantly reduce the marketing exposure.

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Having a party and need that little extra something for your guests? We have a great selection for you. Our selections are for women, men teens, children, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the elderly, moms, dads, graduates, fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters. Well just about everybody likes what we have to offer.

Buy a batch and make your party extra special.

LiXTiK Lip Balm is small, affordable and covers a broad selection of your guests. Buy a batch here

Ithaca Soap is a gift that lasts and lasts. Our regular size bar at a great discount when you buy in bulk. Everyone loves to relax after a party and wind down. What better way to do that than by being clean. Buy a batch here.

Want any of our other offerings in bulk? Ask us and we see if we can work something out! Contact us.