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Sugar Scrub Recipe

Plump up your skin with a sugar scrub using our Organic Skin Conditioner Lavender, Patchouli or Unscented or the Hydration Therapy. Did you ever buy a scrub, use it once and the next time you went to use it, it was spoiled? We suggest making it in one time use portions.

Sugar (or salt) Scrub Recipe

You will need:

  • 1 small dish
  • 1 teaspoon of 17CS Ithaca Soap Organic Skin Conditioner, any scent
  • 1 teaspoon sugar, any granulated kind. Larger crystal surge is more abrasive. Sea salt can be substituted
  • A bath tub. A shower will do if you don't have a tub.

1. Plan on getting into bed after you're finished.

2. Mix the Organic Skin Conditioner (or Hydration Therapy) and the sugar or salt) in the small dish. Let the scrub rest while you...

3. Take a shower. Scrub with a brush, loofah, sea sponge or wash cloth if you have one. 

4. DO NOT DRY YOURSELF! when you're finished with your shower. Just drip while you do the next steps.

5. If your shower and tub is one unit, wash out the tub, and fill it to a comfortable level with the perfect temperature soaking water. Don't put anything in the water.

6. If you don't have a tub, no worries. You can use the shower for the next step. Skip to step 9.

7. While the tub is filling, give your sugar scrub a mix and gently rub it all over your body ( arms, legs, torso) in a circular motion. You should still be nice and damp while you do this. 

8. Get in the tub with the scrub all over you. Yes, it's a little messy, but don't worry about the cleanup now. Soak for 5-10 minutes. Longer is ok. Skip to step 11, if taking a bath. 

9. If you only have a shower, put a screen over the drain. If you have an adjustable shower head, put it on the lightest mist and get under it. Make sure you mist your whole body for at least 5 minutes. 

10. If you don't have a mist setting on your shower head and the spray is strong enough to rinse off the scrub, take a wet wash cloth and pat yourself slowly, while standing near the water, so you will be warm and misted. Wet the cloth regularly, while you pat your body an the sugar begins to dissolve.

11. When you're ready, take the wash cloth and wipe off the scrub. Do not use soap. Just water.

12. Dry yourself by patting your body with a clean dry towel. 

13. Get into bed, relax and enjoy a great night's sleep. When you wake, your skin will be like silk.