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Why we do this

I started using natural soap when I was 10 years old. I was finished with detergents turning my nice skin into sandpaper. Even the natural soap I used was caustic, but much better than the junk I had been using. As a grown-up, I discovered a fabulous organic coconut oil soap, which I loved. Not that long after I had settled on this soap, the company went out of business. That's when I decided if I was ever going to get the best soap, I had to make it. 

I toiled and boiled for a while with Andy's help. Andy saw that I had an exceptional nose and decided that it was something to put to use.  As is natural for me I wanted soap that was organic and natural, not realizing it was becoming desirable for everyone. Then I thought it a good idea let our customers know how natural our soap really was, only to discover that most body care companies fib when they say they're chemical free. There are no regulation standards and any company can use the word organic to distract people from their harmful chemical ingredients. Our Olive Oil Shampoo came out of that realization. I experimented on my own hair and then on Andy's until I was satisfied with the results.  

All of our products are manufactured by us in our small factory, that we built with the help of our friends and families. As a small company, we support other businesses who believe in a green economy on a world level. 

We test all of our body care products on ourselves before they are ready for you to use. This means that you get the very best from people who know that you can beautify yourself without smothering your body in harmful chemicals.

Thanks for supporting a healthier world!