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Liquid Soap Bar Ⓡ

More organic lathery soap for less money. What could be better?

No longer is it necessary to buy a plastic bottle filled with water. Save the planet, the oceans and money. All at the same time. Reuse any bottle and get our regular fabulous soap for less.

The Liquid Soap Bar 

One liquid soap bar dissolves into our lathery liquid soap giving you 20-32 oz. of our liquid soap or 2 gallons of hand sanitizer

Directions: Slice the bar into 4-5 strips and slip them into your empty 16 oz. Liquid Soap bottle that you didn't put into the recycling. Fill the bottle with water. The directions on the box say it will dissolve in 12-24 hours. In reality in 2-4 hours it will be completely dissolved and ready to use.

Ithaca Soap Hand Sanitizer is wonderfully soothing, anti-septic and anti-bacterial. Dilute 1 bar to 2 gallons of water! That's $5.50 for a whole gallon of fabulous hand sanitizer that works better than alcohol based sanitizers. With its stable ph, its effectiveness is proven to work and cost effective. Use this hand sanitizer for house cleaning. Simply spray surfaces and wipe clean with no residue left behind

There is very little evidence that alcohol based and chemically based hand sanitizers are an effective enough anti-septics or anti-bacterials. Read about it here

Alcohol based hand sanitizers contain mostly inactive ingredients that have no other function than to deliver the alcohol, which leaves you dry, with an unpleasant smell.  

The Liquid Soap Bar Concentrate is not meant to be used as a bar of soap and will begin its transformation from a solid to a liquid on contact with water.

This creation is patent pending and available for license.

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