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Felt Art

Organic American grown wool dyed with traditional plant and insect dyes, in a non toxic fashion. Light weight and really warm. 70" long x 24" wide. These are one of a kind pieces of wearable art. They can also be displayed as a wall hanging when not being worn.

I sourced this fiber for its very fine organic quality, that is soft enough to wear against your skin. It comes form an American South Midwest ranch that has been farming it's herd for 200 years. It has been minimally processed to retain it's organic certification in the North Eastern US.

I dyed the wool, then constructed the garment with a hand sculpting method and then wet felt it, creating a durable garment that is able to accessorize fancy attire or casual wear. 

For more shawls call 607-844-4319 to make an appointment.

Care: Wash in cold water with a mild soap. If you have a front loader washer, you can wash it on the delicate cycle in cold water. Lay flat to dry, or hang over a wide surface. This item can be ironed when damp on the wool setting. 100% wool.