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Ithaca Soap Liquid-organic

Ithaca Soap Liquid-organic

Ithaca Soap Liquid organic, is a skin conditioning formula. Very lathery, clean rinsing, gentle soap. A mild organic coconut oil castile style liquid soap that's not caustic and drying. Excellent for the whole body, including hands and face. The stiff lather makes a fabulous bubble bath.

Also great for hand washing dishes, laundry and house cleaning. Great for hand knits, wool wash and delicate fabrics (instructions below). Dilutes up to 100% while still retaining lather.

16 oz. $15.00

3 for $30.00

Case of NINE 16 oz. (buy 8 get the 9th free!) $80.00

The case special is a great value, since a gallon is 8 bottles.

2.5 Gallon Carboy with Spigot. Great to have for refills.

Hand washing delicate fiber instructions:

Our bar and liquid soap is great for washing wool and silk. I am a textile artist and work with a lot of wool and silk fabric, yarn and roving. I use natural plant based dyes and  am also a wet felter. Our soap is gentle enough to leave the integrity of the fibers, but strong enough to clean. 
Here’s how I wash my fibers:
1. Fill a sink or wash basin with cool - warm ish water, swishing around the soap to get good suds. 
2. Place in garments, making sure there is enough water for the fabric to swish around freely. If the suds get eaten up immediately, your garments are a little dirtier than you thought (wool can be like that) and you may want a little more soap. Soak for 30-60 minutes and swish around 1 or 2 times.
3. Drain, squeeze garments, fill basin again with cool ish water, swish around. Repeat this 2-5 times to get all of the soap out.
4. Fill basin 1 more time and add some white vinegar - anywhere from 1/4 c to 2 c depending on how much fiber you are washing at one time. Add your rinsed garments, swish around and let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse again. 
5. Squeeze out all excess water. Lay a towel on the floor, lay garments in the towel, roll up and gently step on it to get out all of the water. Dry either laying flat or hanging depending on the garment.