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Ithaca Soap Liquid-organic

Ithaca Soap Liquid-organic

Ithaca Soap Liquid organic, is a skin conditioning formula. Very lathery, clean rinsing, gentle soap. A mild organic coconut oil Castile style liquid soap that is moisturizing and hydrating not caustic and drying. Excellent for the whole body, including hands and face. The stiff lather makes a fabulous bubble bath.

Also great for hand washing dishes, laundry and house cleaning. Great for hand knits, wool wash and delicate fabrics (instructions below). Dilutes up to 100% while still retaining lather.

16 oz. $15.00

This is the last of the bottled liquid soap. We are closing out our 16 oz. plastic bottles for the time being, until we are unable to get them. In the meantime, Dilute at Home with the Liquid Soap BarⓇ for our same liquid soap. 


Recipes using Ithaca Soap Liquid