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Olive Oil Shampoo-17th Century Suds Ithaca Soap

Olive Oil Shampoo-17th Century Suds Ithaca Soap

All this time you've been washing your hair with a detergent mislabeled shampoo. The word shampoo means a soap especially formulated for hair. You wash your hair with detergent, which strips all your natural goodness off your hair and head, and you replace it with an artificial grease called conditioner. This conditioner sticks to each individual hair, staying on your head. Some conditioners even contain a chemical to attract moisture from the air, which causes your hair to have a false sense of body and become heavy.

Here are 1st time use instructions:

If you've been using conditioner or shampoo with lots of ingredients, give your hair a gentle cleanse with an apple cider vinegar rinse prior to shampooing with 17CS-Ithaca Soap Olive Oil Shampoo for the 1st time. This non-caustic castille soap will gently remove residue and build up from your old hair care products. It's simple. Mix the vinegar with water and pour the mixture on your hair, avoiding any contact with your eyes. Massage the vinegar/water mix into your scalp and all the way to the tips of your hair. For those of you with a lot of thick long hair, you may need 1/2 - 3/4 cup of vinegar. For those of you with little hair, a tablespoon or 2 may be enough. Rinse with water. Then shampoo and again massage your scalp and hair all the way to the ends. This 1st shampooing may not be very lathery as it washes off the vinegar. Shampoo a second time and you'll get a nice lather and fabulously clean hair.

Do not oil hair prior to washing Do not use conditioner or other hair care products. They may contain artificial ingredients that remain on your hair, causing our gentle shampoo to struggle to get it off . Once you use 17CS shampoo, you will have truely clean hair, less hair loss and 2-3 times faster dry time . Wash hair once or twice per shampooing. That's it. Save money and hot water.

Dry Shampoo Method (I've been doing this for more than a year now and LOVE the results)

In contrast to the 1st time use instructions above, the dry shampoo method is an oil process.

You will need 2 small cups. Put small amounts of olive oil in 1 and apple cider vinegar in the other.


Do this before you get in the shower!

Shampoo Technique:

1. Brush or coif hair in your regular manner.

2. Gently apply the apple cider vinegar to your hair, by running your fingers between your hairs. Give special attention to the ends of your hair and any dry spots. Distribute the vinegar evenly from your roots down to the tips of your hair. Go slowly and gently, so as not to pull. Try to avoid getting too much in one spot.

3. Next, repeat the same process, this time with the olive oil.

4. Let sit for anywhere from 3-5 minutes to an hour.

5. You are still not in the shower.

6. Take Olive Oil Shampoo and evenly apply to your hair ON TOP OF the vinegar and oil. Gently and thoroughly. Make sure you use enough. Put it on thick. I tried this with our Liquid Soap and have come to the conclusion that the Olive Oil Shampoo definitely does a better job on my hair.

7. Now get in the shower. BUT only put a little bit of water on your hair and lather up. Scrub your scalp and gently scrub all of your hair. Be thorough. Get every inch of your head and hair. 

8. Rinse well. 


9. After you finish your shower, towel dry your hair. Gently fluff up and separated your hair a little. If you have a natural curl, it will slowly curl up as you fluff it.

10. Let dry and either pick it (I never thought I'd pick my hair!) for the curly wild look, or brush it for the more refined quaffed look.

11. I have gone from washing my hair every 2 days to 1x a week! In the morning, if you want to fluff it up, wet your hands and evenly dampen your hair. It will take a few minutes to wake up.

12. Most of all, enjoy your new shampoo technique and new look.  

 The Olive Oil Shampoo works for all heir types.