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Skin Conditioners SALE

Skin Conditioners SALE

We are having a packaging closeout sale

Lavender Mint Calendula Cream is a great natural disinfectant and Potent Topical Remedy for cuts, burns, and other booboos. Made with our own garden grown, hand processed flowers. 

We have been told that our skin creams keep your skin looking young! Organic Skin Conditioner glides on and soaks in, making your skin soft, smooth, and supple. A little bit goes a long way. Great for hands, face, feet, elbows and the whole body.  The Unscented is recommended as a tattoo healing cream by tattoo artists! Choose from Lavender, Unscented, Patchouli

Turn our Organic Skin Conditioner into a whole body scrub! Plump up your skin with a sugar scrub using our organic skin conditioner. Did you ever buy a scrub, use it once and the next time you went to use it, it was spoiled? We suggest making it in one time use portions.

Sugar Scrub Recipe