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Bertha's Fiber Boutique

Bertha's Fiber Boutique

I can't help myself. I love wool and all things wooly. I knit, felt and have a deep appreciation for natural color. So now I'm also dying my own colors to get the vibrant, live colors that I find irresistible.  In this collection, you will find hats, scarves, shawls, yarn, a dress occasionally, and some other wooly creations. 

The wool is all organic and American. Mostly Rambouillet, with a little alpaca and merino in there for natural browns and greys. All the dyes are non toxic, metal free, and plant based (except for cochenille). The blues are a fermented organic indigo vat. 

 The knit hats are done by a friend of mine.  Warm, soft and snuggly, these hats are a joy to wear. All of the designs are her own. 

 The yarn is a DK weight, knitting up nicely on needles 6-8US. Soft and springy, with nice memory, I'm looking forward to making some sweaters and a dress or 2 for cozy winter wear.