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13 Sep


Posted by Wendy Ives

Yummy...nothing like a home baked apple pie with local ingredients. I personally like mine with JUST apples. 

What you need:

Pie Plate, rolling pin, knife, oven.


Apples (between 5-15 depending on size)

2 cups flour (any kind will do) for crust. Plus 1 cup flour for crust prep.

1 stick butter or 1/2 cup oil

1/3-1/2 cup water or milk (depending on whether you want a more cookie like crust - milk) 

1/4 t cinnamon,  pinch clove, allspice, nutmeg (optional)

honey or maple syrup to taste (optional)


1. Pre heat oven to 350-375 degrees F

2. Mix flour, butter, water or milk in bowl with a fork. When all liquids are soaked up by the flour, knead until the crust has an even consistency. Let rest.

3. Prep apples: core and peel, if desired. Quarter apples, and then chop each 1/4 into 1" pieces. Toss with desired sweetener, and a teaspoon flour. Let sit.

4. Oil or butter pie plate. Dust with flour.

5. Prep crust work area. Clean and dry. Sprinkle with flour, if rolling out a wheat crust. If working with a non gluten flour, just crumble 1/2 the crust into pie plate and press into shape, being mindful or evenly distributing the crust. Save the other half for the top crust.

If rolling out a traditional wheat pie crust, take dough and flatten in your rolling flour. Then place on clean dry work surface, and roll out. Flip dough over, dust with flour and continue rolling until crust is 1" bigger than the pie plate. Arrange crust in pie plate and trip edges to just over the pie plate lip.

6. Fill bottom pie crust with your apple filling. Make sure to evenly distribute.

7. Roll out top crust or crumble the other 1/2 of your crust on top. Cover all of the apple mix. With a rolled crust, Pinch top and bottom crust together and flute edges. Cut air vents in top. I like to make a smiley face or do something pretty.

8. Bake for 40-6- minutes, depending on oven...you'll know it's finished, when the apples start to smell yummy and booze out their natural sugar juice.

9. Let cool to firm up. Slice into 8 equal pieces and eat. Maybe with ice cream or yogurt or cold cheddar cheese or alone. Bon Apetite!

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