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26 Jul

It's Blueberry Season

Posted by Wendy Ives
It's Blueberry Season here in Ithaca and we are filling our freezer. They are plump, sweet and tart. We always go a little overboard during the 1st week of Blueberry Season. I think we ate 3 quarts! Not in pies or anything. Just blueberries.
Pie is my favorite. A simple crust, made with locally grown Farmer Ground Flour, olive oil and water. Coat the blueberries with a little flour. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar if you must. (I usually prefer just blueberries.) Or a 1/2 cup of sugar. What ever strikes your sweet tooth as best for you. Make a lattice crust top for a full crust top with a lovely carving for some breathing so your pie won't explode, and bake in the early morning or late night so your house won't get too hot. YYUUUUMMMYYY!!!
Eat with a good ripe piece of cheese or ice cream.
Come to Ithaca, NY in the US and get blueberries at the Ithaca Farmers' Market. There are some right next door to us in booth 22. We are there on Saturdays from 9-3 and Sundays from 10-3. 
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