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09 Aug

dye plants

Posted by Wendy Ives

This year I planted indigo, madder, weld, Hopi sunflowers, dyers coreopsis, amaranth, African and Burr marigolds. Plus we have loads of wild Queen Anne's Lace, which is supposed to yield a lovely green, goldenrod, various dye tree barks, and maple trees. 

I have already used my indigo, which seems to be VERY blue. I finally really got the hang of the indigo vat. Just keep feeding it fruit and indigo and it stays awake and ready to go. It's like a little smelly monster living in my dye kitchen. If I go too long without feeding it, it goes to sleep.

I can't wait to dye something with all of the dye flowers I've been collecting. A few years ago, Crystal from Under The Tree, gave me some of her dried coreopsis, and I got green and orange. It was lovely. I'm going to try for maroon, of course. And pink.

My Hopi Sunflowers are just about to bloom. That's going to be fun. They should yield a range of blues, purples, and grey to black.

I'm almost finished with my short sleeve Merino lace sweater. Then I'll start something with the Merino Silk blend. I have a lovely pattern that I developed a few years ago that I want to adapt to either a vest or shrug or a set of a few small knits. A quick pretty knit. I'm also hoping to take photos of all of the colors so they can be uploaded to the website for purchase. But, if you've been to our Farmers Market booth 22 and know what yarn and color you want, e mail at wendy@ithacasoap.com. I can ship it to you. Remember, a $20.00 or more bitcoin purchase gets you a free LiXTiK Lip Balm!

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