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23 Oct

First Post

Posted by Wendy Ives
Growing up on Long Island, in the state of NY, showing and selling my mother’s paintings on the weekends at outdoor art shows was a regular part of life. After school, I’d sit in the chair in my mother’s studio, learn the elements of design, and critique her paintings. At the end of her workday, we’d bring the painting in progress out of the studio, and move it around the house so it could be studied, while she made dinner. There were paintings everywhere. 

 When I was 9 years old, my father and I made the Jacob’s Ladder toy, out of wooden blocks and ribbon. My “1st show” along side one of my mother’s art shows, was on the street in the village of West Hampton Beach, LI. My display was an upside down cardboard box, showing my 3 ladders. I sold all 3, paid myself twenty-five cents and went across the street to the magazine store for The Archies comics. I was in business. 


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