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03 Feb

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Posted by Wendy Ives
Is there a grocery store or co-op that you go to all the time and wish you could buy our soap and lip balm there? It's a possibility worth looking into and you can help. 
1. Go to the customer service area and ask if you can speak with the person who buys soap and lip balm. 
2. If that person is unavailable, ask for their name and the best way to get in touch with them. Write down the information.
3. If the person is available and comes out to speak with you, introduce yourself. Tell them that you use Ithaca Soap bar soap and lip balm all the time and would love to buy it in this store when you do your weekly shopping.
4. Then ask them what steps need to be taken for Ithaca Soap to apply to become a vendor at this store. Written down the information.


5. E mail us with the information. Please include as much of the conversation you had as possible. 
6. Depending on what the application process is, will depend on what happens next. 
7. By working together and achieving the goal of getting our soap and lip balm on to store shelves, we will happily compensate you. 
8. If you like this work and wish to keep doing it, we would love to have you on our team.
9. If you need more information before you get started, please e mail me at wendy@ithacasoap.com. Please include your full name, phone number, and address.


I’ve been experiencing a change in my skin. Yikes! It’s been suddenly extra dry and rough. Whether it’s the winter weather, my radiator heat, my age … probably all of the above …. but I wanted to share a change in my routine. I wash my face and moisturize with your skin cream early in the evening; that way the cream doesn’t rub off on my pillow (or my sweetheart) at bedtime. I know these extra hours of intense moisturizing has made a difference in my skin. Thank you for creating such a lovely and effective product.

Posted by Raya Lee on February 25, 2016

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