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20 May

Vote for us!

Posted by Wendy Ives in Vote for Ithaca Soap

We, under the name Ithaca Soap, have applied for a grant and we need your help by the way of votes! The grant money will be used to build the new production facility and to create a couple of jobs. This is really important to us. If a small business creates jobs, it's very good for a community. By keeping money in a community and an economy local, it is a little bit of an insulator against what's going on globally. 

You make spending choices every day, many times a day, without even realizing it. Using anything electric in your house, like the coffee pot or turning on a light, is a choice of who gets paid because you used that electric. Where you buy your groceries and who produces those items, is a choice. Is your food coming from a factory farm that uses genetically modified seeds and animal feed? Or are you buying organic from a selection of local small farms and producers? Is your favored grocery store owned locally? Does this grocery store pay local sales and property taxes or have they been granted a tax abatement under the false pretense of creating jobs? A tax abatement means that a store can collect sales tax, but doesn't have to pay it, which cuts money that would otherwise go to your county for local services.  Part time jobs (more jobs, but not enough money or benefits per job) created by very large companies, opens the social services door (which is a great thing for the needy but not a good road for the underpaid working class) to drain more dollars out of the already depleted local tax coffers. With corporate offices possibly located far away from your town, tax dollars quietly leak away from your local economy. It's a complicated maze of who gets the money from your weekly shopping.  

So Vote for Ithaca Soap here! Thanks.


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