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29 Apr

Local Breakfast

Posted by Wendy Ives

I discovered duck eggs last Saturday at The Ithaca Farmers Market, which is now open on Sat from 9-3, Sun 10-3 at Steamboat Landing and Tues 9-2 (we do not attend Tues market). I've seen them and heard about them being great for baking, but it never occurred to me to actually try one. It did to Andy though, so I bought some from Daring Drake Farm. They are bigger, with off white matt shells. I treated them like little treasures on the ride home in the soap mobile.

I also got some really nice baking potatoes from Six Circles Farm. Smooth and creamy, when baked, I thought I'd try duck egg potato pancakes for breakfast, with a little flour from Farmer Ground Flour, who is also our new neighbor. 


Potato Pancake recipe:

1-2 servings


1 medium to large potato

1 duck egg

1/4 cup white pastry flour (or whatever flour you like best)

Salt to taste

2-3 tbs. Oil for frying. I (I like safflower)

Fruit (your favorite breakfast fruit. Apple sauce is traditional)

condiments (I like onion and hot peppers. Some like ketchup!)


1. Grate potato and rinse off the starch. Place in bowl.

2. Add duck egg, flour, salt. Mix well.

3. Heat up frying pan and add oil.

4. Divide potato pancake mix into 4 pancakes in pan and flatten with spatula. Make sure there is enough space between each cake for the oil to bubble all the around each one.

5. Fry on a medium heat for 3-5 minutes on each side.

6. Serve with fresh fruit. Today I had them with dried figs.

7. Serve in a dish from Under the Tree Pottery.

8. Wash dishes with Ithaca Soap Organic Liquid Soap!


Can't make it to Market? Here's a free shipping coupon V9LD00UQBF5D valued up to $10.00.





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