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01 Apr


Posted by Wendy Ives

We are busy boxing soap, freeing the racks for the next round of production. We have some 55 gallon steel drums for sale. They are clean and only had organic coconut oil in them. They are $15.00 each Text 607-351-9599 if you're interested!

It's spring and market is just beginning. We will be eating fresh local sweet spring carrots, baby greens, ramps and spring green onions, it's a good time to think about planning your garden! You can plant a lot in a very small space by using a simple rotation system. 

If you've never gardened before and want to give it a try, start simply. You can by plant starts in 4 or 6 packs. The farmers market has a great selection of garden starts.

Start with digging up a small patch of ground that gets the best sun. Some shade is ok, especially if you want to plant lettuce. A nearby water source is a good idea. I'd recommend lettuce, zucchini, and cucumbers. These 3 plants are good growers in most climates, easy to tend, and produce good eats for your reward. 

Remove as much grass as you can. Add some compost if you have it and mulch. Follow the directions that come with your starter plants or seeds. Water regularly, either in the morning or evening. Do not water during the hot part of the day. Weed by hand when necessary and watch your little plants turn into food. It's a great way to connect with the earth's cycles, your yard, and with the food you eat. Happy Spring!


Hi Ruth! Thanks for sharing. We definitely have a good time with what the earth has to offer. We are becoming butterfly hero through a NYS program. Ithaca is located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. If you ever come this way, come see us at the Ithaca Farmers Market!

Posted by Wendy on May 13, 2015

Hello, I like your style of life!!!! I am a knitter and a really novice weaver (just about to begin my 1st project). I feel inspired by the entry of the blog! : ) I just bought the Bullet Blender and have been enjoying making smoothies with fruits and veggies. I get organic stuff in the Summer, from a Coop here in Cleveland. Where are you guys located? Ithaca, is that Ohio? I am from Costa Rica, so do not know much the USA map. I grew up eating lots of fruit and veggies, LOVE THEM. Love to put ginger, parsely and so forth. Went to Mexico and in the hotel was served “Agua Fresca”instead of orange juice. WOWWWW was that good!!!! Made with pineapple, lime juice, a good amount of parsely, some mint leaves, cucumber a bit of H2O. I think that was all, ah you can put a bit of basil. But good to try it without basil first and, for a different flavor add more basil and less parsely. It is the most refreshing drink I ever had (and I am 53, so I have lived for a while) and have been in good 15 countries, therefore, tasted many different foods. Anyway, thanks for sharing and for being a good example of loving and enjoying the Earth! P.S.: I plant some summer goodies too.

Posted by Ruth on April 23, 2015

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