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12 Mar

Achieving Your Goals

Posted by Wendy Ives in Achieving your goals!

I got an amazing gift yesterday from two friends. She and her father probably don't realize what they gave me. It took 17 hours for it to sink in. When she and I hung up from our 1 hour conversation, I had this terrific surge of energy and felt great. I was deeply touched and flattered that her father choose me to call, and then continued on with the zillion tasks Andy and I need to complete before moving. During our phone call, it took about an hour of sifting though her array of opportunities for me to realize what she needed to do. It's a step by step process that Andy and I have been doing for years. I never really thought about it before. We just do it. I did it when I was a kid, but Andy really honed in on the process, taking my acute visualization skills, and creating a systematic way to go along the road from an idea to the goal. When I described what to do, she sounded thrilled and sort of said under her breath, "that's a good idea". I'm funny. When I saw that she could take over from there, the conversation was over. I didn't want to muddy the waters with small talk and distract her from her work ahead.

It was only this morning that I understood what they gave me. The statement, "flattery will get you everywhere", rings true in this case. Everywhere you (the flattered) want to go. They gave me the opportunity to make this process understandable to other people, so anyone can do it. It's a great process for making business decisions (this is how we make almost all of our biz decisions), personal life changing choices, or small decisions to work through. It's the process used to see if I was going to like dyeing natural fibers with plants. Andy is in the process of learning how to ride more challenging motorcycles, which requires acute mental clarity, physical control, and making those two skills work together seamlessly.

Thank you for seeing this in me. I didn't realize how valuable it is.


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