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01 Oct


Posted by Wendy Ives

Plastic packaging is a funny thing. It's light weight, doesn't break easily, is leak and moisture proof, and holds a lot of weight. It keeps things that would spoil in a different kind of package, like lettuce, from spoiling quickly. Plastics changed food storage forever, for the better.

There is a lot of plastic clothing. You might be wearing some now. Nylon, polyester, and microfiber.  Fleece made from recycled soda bottles, the kind that has nothing to do with real wool fleece and it drives me crazy that this word has been stolen from the natural fiber world. 

You drive around in a plastic car. You may have some dishes made from it. Tooth brushes. Many new fangled building materials have plastic in them.  Glass bottle caps are lined with plastic. Our fancy phones are put in plastic cases to keep them from breaking.  Our computers, televisions. Just look around your house and your work place. It's really everywhere.

Plastic is also a terrible thing. Some plastics are full of fake estrogens that sometimes transfer to the food you're eating. Ooohh. Weird. It doesn't compost. It just gets brittle and breaks into really small pieces, but doesn't break down and go back to the earth. It's made with weird chemicals. It can be diluted with toxic waste and molded into a toy, to keep the toxic waste from being buried in the ground. Instead your child may be playing with it in the living room. Wild animals eat bits of plastic and die from not digesting it. 

Not all plastics are made from petroleum oil. There are good plastics. They are made from cellulose, which comes from plants. Or from milk protein, fiber glass, sugar, corn, soy.  Some of these plants may be genetically modified. They compost. Eventually.

Some think that purchasing a gallon jug of something is less plastic than buying many bottles. It may be less material, but is it less pollution?  We discontinued selling our gallons jugs of soap and shampoo because the jugs are HDPE plastic made from petroleum. PET or PETE plastic is a cellulose and fiber glass blend plastic, with a #1 in the recycling triangle. We now offer cases of multiple PET bottles or jars of Organic Liquid Soap, Olive Oil Shampoo, and Organic Sunflower Shampoo


If you have a gallon jug you would like us to refill, you can mail it to us or bring it to The Ithaca Farmers' Market. We will put it in the production schedule and fill it when the Liquid Soap or Shampoo is being made. For more information contact us.

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