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16 Jul

Natural Fibers

Posted by Wendy Ives

Hello natural fiber! It has taken me 3 years of searching to get this American Organic Rambouillet yarn and fleece. I needed it because it's absolutely lovely and soft, and the little yarn addict in me couldn't turn a blind eye. It felts and knits into warm, light weight lovely garments. I have some of this lovely yarn in the dye vats right now and hope to bring them to market this weekend. Felted garments are on their way. Many of my felts in the previous photos have happily moved to their new owners.


It's a long process to dye naturally. Every step of the process is several days long to make sure the dye is properly set, so it won't wash out or come off on your hands while you're knitting or crocheting. 


I first heard about natural dyes from master felters and have fallen in love. I have been playing with the art of natural chemistry and fermented my first indigo vat, with the fruits of my cauldron in the photo above. These live colors make synthetic dyes look dead when you are comparing. It's amazing.

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