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11 Jun

New Look Update

Giving a business a face lift is a tender situation that is not to be taken lightly.  You need to be recognizable to your existing customers, while being fresh, exciting, and attractive for new customers. Making changes requires a full understanding of the behind the scenes operations, product excellence, general mission statement and future projections in focus all together, all of the time. If a change takes too long to manifest, how much backlog will this cause? Will the company lose money? Can the company maneuver around a change and minimize costs? Change is good, even great and necessary for the future, if you don't lose sight of the overall picture and go out of business while you're making the change.


A business is a breathing living entity comprised of the people that run it, their ideas, and the chosen roads that lead the people from the ideas to a finished product.  Bumps and potholes in that road are inevitable, so there's no point in going crazy when you come to a road block. It's my job to figure out how to go over, around or through this obstacle course. Sometimes every day is a new course, while Andy maintains a consistent production facility, product line and we both keep the storefront open and recognizable.


The photos on our website homepage are what the bar soaps used to look like. Pretty soon we will move into the future of the what the packaging will look like while we go through the last few soap boxes and printed labels. Stay tuned...

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