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04 Jun


Posted by Wendy Ives

We are inching our way closer to our fresh new look.  The new logo is finalized and off to the printers. WooHoo!!!

After being in business for 15 years, making a change is tricky. And we are making several changes, all at once. Our new look is going to be fresh and vibrant.  Replacing olive oil with local organic sunflower oil, is ecologically intelligent, great for the economy, and great for your skin. Stay tuned for more factory news and updates.


I don't like to throw good packaging into the garbage and add to the landfill or use up precious energy recycling, just because we are moving on. We will be working through the packaging, not waste one soap box, and use up all the printed labels. It's our commitment to be a business that has packaged goods, while at the same time, creating very little garbage. 


We still have some closeout 18 oz. bar soap on sale for 25% off at $15.00. A great price for organic soap. 

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