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15 May

In the Studio

Posted by Wendy Ives

YES! I saw the typo after the e mail was sent. Thanks for letting me know.

I made the dye for for this yarn out of vegetables! I love using a resource all the way to it's end. This dye is made from onion skins, which we wouldn't eat anyway. When the dye was all used up, the skins went into the compost, where they will cook into beautiful black dirt and then be fed to my hungry flowers.

   The hank on the left is Merino wool and silk, the hank on the right is angora rabbit and silk. They are so soft and have fabulous drape, it's like touching warm flowing water.

This lovely golden sage green was a total surprise made from flowers.

 The hank on the left is another merino silk hank. On the right is a camel silk blend.


Here are my newest shawls, which will be on display at the Ithaca Farmers Market this Sat. 9-3, Sun 10-3, in booth 22.


For more information on my textile adventures, please contact us.


The merino and silk yarn of each color has been sold. We still have the camel silk blend and the angora bunny and silk blend available.

Posted by Wendy on May 19, 2014

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