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24 Apr

Celebrate the Earth

Posted by Wendy Ives
Happy Earth Day!
I think about the origin of every thing. Everybody uses stuff. A pen, the ground meat wrapper, packing material from a package we got delivered, an old bed sheet that sprung a hole. Where did it come from and where is it going? How much life is left after its intended use is finished? Can it be reused somehow, somewhere? Will it look nice, be functional, and be easy to clean? Can it nourish my compost pile and then feed the garden? Be a cat or dog bed? Become a grocery tote? 
Every day is earth day for us in the soap factory and our home. We reuse packing material for mail orders. The boxes for our soap bars are made from factory trimmings on larger orders. Our compost pile contains popsicle sticks along with food scraps. We even turned old car tires into a berm for our asparagus bed and planted strawberries in them.
Our earth is something to be cherished. It's the source of everything that protects, feeds, and supplies it's inhabitants. How we use it's resources should be examined constantly. It's the giant home, and needs to be kept clean just like all of our individual homes. 

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