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17 Apr

It's the sunflower revolution!

Posted by Wendy Ives

Olive oil is so much a part of our diet, that we don't even think about the distance it travels to get to our tables and our showers. The olive oil we use in our Olive Oil Shampoo generally comes from either Italy or Greece. That's a long boat ride. Then we turn it into shampoo and ship it to all of our shampoo devotees and retail locations, and take it to market. That's the olive oil traveling 2 or 3 times before it reaches your shower.

It takes a long time to make changes like this, but it's time for the Sunflower Revolution. Our locally grown organic sunflower oil has made it's way into our soap, lip balms, and creams. As we replaced the olive oil with sunflower oil in our body care, we had more for the shampoo, which is why it's the last to GET READY to make the switch. We still have some Olive Oil Shampoo, but the next batch is going to be sunflower. 


It's a little different for the shampoo connoisseur. Compared to our Olive Oil Shampoo, the color of the sunflower shampoo is a pale golden yellow. It's a little more viscous. It's very high in Vitamin E, giving your hair a little more shine. It has a distant aroma of fresh sunflower seeds.

It's the same lathery, squeaky clean wash. The scent blend is the same. Aside from the oil change, the ingredients are the same.


Andy is a little worried that to just make the switch is risky and some of you will not be happy simply because you love our olive oil shampoo. I want to take the leap, decreasing our carbon footprint by eliminating the first leg of the oil's journey from Europe to here. I also LOVE it. So as a compromise in running our business as a married couple, I am alerting you to what's coming in the near future. We would love to hear your feedback. I'm doing my best to not encourage you to say YES!!! it's the right choice. We want to hear it from you without any prodding.  small gentle poke.


It's also going to be sold in 3 sizes: 

* 2 oz. for $3.65 (same size and price as Olive Oil Shampoo)

* NEW* 16 oz. for $18.00 (new size and less expensive than the 8 oz. Olive Oil Shampoo for $10.59)

* Gallon for $142.96 (which includes the pump and is the same economical price as the Olive Oil Shampoo)

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