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10 Apr


Posted by Wendy Ives

What a day we had the other day. We spent the whole day trying to make this new printer work for our labels. And it was a waste of time. Even though the old printer isn't the easiest match with our computers, it does the job and our new labels, on our new bar size, look great. Sometimes the realities of being a small producer of goods are enough to drive you crazy. Our days are filled with problem solving, deadlines, and making decisions that have to be the best choice. 


We are introducing the economy 9 oz. Ithaca Soap. It is made with organic local sunflower, which is high in vitamin E and so good for your skin. You can get it at Greenstar on N. Fulton St, AKA Rte 13 between Buffalo and Seneca Streets,  Home Green Home on the Ithaca Commons, and at the Ithaca Farmers' Market, in booth 22, Saturdays from 9-3. You have been using this soap for almost 2 years, but not in this great size that works for all hand sizes, and not formally with the knowledge of the sunflower oil. 


We'll see you Saturday, in booth 22 at the Ithaca Farmers' Market, in-between Little Tree Orchards and Crow Weaver Jewelry, and across from Solaz Burritos. It's supposed to be 64 degrees and SUNNY!! this coming Saturday. 

As usual, if you can't make it, go virtually through our website, and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Wendy & Andy, 

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