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03 Apr

Where do your groceries come from?

Posted by Wendy Ives
Here's a typical day in our household. 
Andy's breakfast is everything local. Cabbage and onion omelet with buckwheat pancakes.
 All of the ingredients, including milk in the pancakes and coffee, and sunflower oil to cook with is all from local farmers. Even our soap is made with the very same local sunflower oil. And the wool I knit Cheryl Thompson's (our architect) sweater with, comes from a local farmer and is spun just 50 miles away. The sweater is the natural color of the yarn. 
This is a photo of the same local yarn that I dyed with plants. You can come see that in person and fondle it at market.
Last week I made a lamb roast with carrots, potatoes, onions, celery. Everything except the salt came from a local source. Apple pie from local apples and crust made with local wheat and sunflower oil. You get the idea.
We have an amazing abundance of local resources from innovative hard working growers and producers, including us at 17CS. Right Here!! Come share in the bounty this coming Saturday, April 5th, at the Ithaca Farmers' Market on 3rd. St.
9-3pm Steamboat Landing in Ithaca, NY. 
Booth 22 on the end with the BIG TREE. 
Next to Little Tree Orchards and across from Solaz Burritos.
See you Saturday. As usual, if you can't make it, we can pack up our little piece of local wealth and mail it to you.

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