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20 Apr

Sunflowers and bees

Posted by Wendy Ives

 Right around that time, some Central New York business owners and farmers began investing on growing seed oils. We now have an excellent locally grown organic sunflower seed oil source, grown on a 120 year old family owned farm. Also around that time bees began suffering the ill effects of pesticides and factory bee farming. Colony collapse disorder began baffling beekeepers. As more and more beehives lost their workers, we started planning for our own safe wildflower field. Three years ago we were able to acquire 23 acres, which had been organically farmed for 20 years. It wasn’t the best 8 acre field for the farmer, because of wet spots, but it is a great place for wildflowers, which is a grocery store for bees. The 15 acre forest has a large amount of linden trees, which bees love, giving the pollen great flavor, making great tasting honey. I’m hoping soon to have a local beekeeper put some hives on the land.


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