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09 Mar

How and why it all began

Posted by Wendy Ives

Ithaca Soap began as an idea in 1998. I decided I wanted good bar soap and was tired of utility liquid soap or commercial soap like substances. I finally found an organic bar soap that I loved. It lathered well, lasted for a long while, and left my skin, especially my hands feeling soft and smooth, instead of dry and itchy. It was inexpensive and unscented. I was set, only to discover after a few months, I couldn’t get this soap in Ithaca anymore. Luckily I was going to NYC and thought I could get some there. I found it, but the store clerk said they were unable to get any more of this soap and didn’t know why. I bought 6 bars and hoped the store clerk was wrong.


Unfortunately, she was right. The great soap was gone and never to be seen again. That’s when I decided that I was going to put soap making on my list of things I wanted to learn to do. More next week


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