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11 Dec

Rutabaga Curl

Posted by Wendy Ives

Every year the Ithaca Farmers' Market ends with a crazy party and a game on the last Saturday before Christmas. If you have not been, it's about time you joined us for the Annual Rutabaga Curl.

It's usually pretty cold and snowy. There's an outdoor fireplace to gather around and warm yourself with friendships of old and new, loads of laughing, which keeps you really warm, and the hubbub of being part of an internationally recognized event. You can play alone or bring your own team. Watch out for protesters for the Ethical Treatment of Rutabagas! There's the parade and torch lighting by the Rutabaga Goddesses. Last year a team flew over from Japan with a photography crew! You never know who is going to play this year. It could be you.

There are hot drinks, like the world's best hot chocolate and hot apple cider from our fabulous vendors, Rutabaga Fries, Rutabaga Soup, and the regular fair from the food vendors, from burritos, Japanese food, Cambodian food, samosas, black been burgers, pastries, fresh bread, the list goes on and on. The farmers will have, among other vegetables, lovely winter squashes, greens, apples, brussel spouts, a great selection of meats, and of course rutabagas. And it's the best time to get those last minute gifts from us, 17th Century Suds, and the rest of the craft vendors. Pottery, leather bags, knit hats, t-shirts, hand blown glass, felted hats, scarves and shawls made by ME (Wendy Ives) and in our booth (#22), jewelry of all persuasions, and a lot more.


There's even a toss for kids. All you have to do is get to the Ithaca Farmers' Market on Sat. Dec. 21st, to sign up, and check out the course. Our Holiday Market hours are from 10-2pm.

It's a great day to play a very silly game, with stiff competition, possibly WIN, and go home with great dinner fixins, 

If you haven't laughed enough this year, it's time to get down to the International Rutabaga Curl. Let the games begin!! 

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