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21 May

Natural Beauty, now, on a holiday weekend?

Everyone possesses natural beauty. It's like a favorite pet, needing lots of careful attention and love. It has a life all it's own, completely relying on you in order to be at its best. Eating quality organic food in the right diet for you, daily exercise, enough sleep, plenty of laughing, and natural body care and household cleaners are the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Once these ingredients are set in place, your natural beauty will blossom all by itself. 

Are you going on vacation this weekend? Camping? Memorial Day BBQ? Is this the time to think about taking care of your self? Thinking of hamburgers and hot dogs? A glass of wine by the lake? You can get yummy organic and natural grilling meats, local wines, and great soap, all at the Ithaca Farmer's Market. There's a huge selection of innovative places to eat breakfast, lunch, brunch. Talented artisans and musicians will dazzle you with visual stimulation and lovely sounds, while you eat a healthful meal. All grown right here in the Finger Lakes Region by the smiling faces you'll be purchasing from. 



Once you go home, how do you find the time to fit it all in? Where do you get good organic groceries that fit your budget? Maybe you should try a small garden this summer.  Gardening is a great way to get great food and exercise. It's not too late to get in a lettuce planting. Swiss Chard is another easy one that continues to grow through the 1st few snow storms. Zucchini and cucumbers, given the right summer conditions are so easy, you can quickly become inundated with too many and then accidentally forget to pick one day, only to find vegetable baseball bats growing. There are still plenty of garden plants at the Ithaca Farmers Market. 


See you there! The Ithaca Farmers' Market. Booth 22, past our old booth, next to the apples, across from the burritos.



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